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Paint the Town Yellow... Daffodils by the Bunch Share Memories and Hope

The daffodil is the first flower of spring and with spring comes hope. The daffodil and Memory Matters Utah/Nevada represents hope for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and their caregivers.

This Spring help “Paint the Town Yellow” and share memories by purchasing Daffodils by the Bunch. Daffodils by the Bunch is the signature activity of Memory Matters Utah/Nevada that raises both community awareness and revenue for local programs and services through the sale of fresh-cut daffodils from Washington State.

Memory Matters Utah/Nevada’s Daffodil by the Bunch is a simple, yet effective way for the community to help bring hope into the lives of local dementia patients and their caregivers dealing with the daily struggles of memory loss due to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Beginning in January, volunteers will mobilize to sell cut daffodils, the first flower of spring, in support of the organization’s mission to reduce isolation and increase wellness for individuals with dementia and their caregivers through activities, support, education, and consultations. Daffodil by the Bunch is a compassionate movement where the community is asked to come together and raise money and lift spirits for those battling this disease.

LuAnn Lundquist, Founder and Executive Director of Memory Matters Utah/Nevada said, “We want to paint the town yellow this year with Daffodil by the Bunch! You aren’t simply buying flowers; you are funding programs that provide real support to patients and caregivers in our community. Through the community’s generous support of Daffodils by the Bunch, we will be able to continue to walk alongside those who are navigating the difficult path of Alzheimer's disease and dementia and give encouragement and support to their caregivers.”

Daffodils by the Bunch is about more than just giving beautiful flowers, it is an opportunity to share memories, lift spirits and give hope. Please join Memory Matters Utah/Nevada in this annual celebration and help “Paint the Town Yellow!” Your generous support funds local programs that include: Information and Referral Services, Support Groups, Care Consultations, Memory Testing Consultations, Outreach and Education Events, Educational Resources, Interfaith Training Programs, Early Stage Memory Loss Classes, Memory Activity Classes and the “Good Morning Sunshine” Wellness Calling Program.

Pre-orders for daffodils will begin in January and run through March 11. Flowers are available by the Bunch (10 flowers) $10.00, Half-Box (25 bunches) $240. and Full-Box (50 bunches) $450. Cut flowers will be available beginning March 20, 2019. For more information about Daffodils by the Bunch, or to volunteer to help with daffodils sales, call Memory Matters Utah/Nevada at (435) 319-0407.

Event Details

Who: Memory Matters Utah/Nevada

What: Daffodils by the Bunch – Cut daffodil sales. Flowers from Washington State

When: Presales begin January 16, 2019 and run through March 11, 2019; Available 20,2019

Cost: Bunches (10 flowers per bunch) $10.00 per Bunch Half-box (25 bunches, 10 flowers per bunch) $240.00 (sold by special request only) Full-box (50 bunches, 10 flowers per bunch) $450.00

Where: Southern Utah, Mesquite, Nevada

or call: 435-319-0407


If you would like more information about Memory Matters programs and services call us at: 435-319-0407 or email us at:

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