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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Memory Activity Club Held?


The class is now held at the Memory Matters Utah Office (168 North 100 East, Suite 104, St. George, UT).


What days is the class held?

The Memory Activity Club meets on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


What time is the class?

The class is held from 10:00 – 3:00 pm. (please note time change)


How long is the class?

The class lasts 5 hours.


How much does the class cost?

Call our office for more information.


What does the class include?

The 5-hour stay includes lunch, snacks, and activity supplies.   


What kind of activities are there at the Memory Activity Club?

Participants will enjoy working on art projects, singing, and cognitive activities.


Who is the Memory Activity Club for?

Those with moderate dementia are the best suited for this activity group. Participants must be able to take care of bathroom needs with only standby assistance – no hands-on care. The sooner participants start, the better they will adapt and enjoy the classes.


Do caregivers need to accompany those attending the class?

During the first couple of visits to the class, it is required that the caregiver attends with the participant. There is no charge for these visits. This helps the participant acclimate in a positive way and allows them to make new friends and feel the accomplishment of attending a “class."


Who benefits from the Memory Activity Club?

The Memory Activity Club is a life-changing experience for those who attend with dementia. The Memory Activity Club provides a positive social experience that elevates and improves the mood of the participant. The Memory Activity Club is also an enormous benefit to caregivers as it provides a much-needed respite.


For more information contact Memory Matters at: (435)-319-0407

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