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10 legitimate Utah charities to donate to or volunteer for this Christmas


Opinion: How did Utahns serve others over the holidays?


Early Stage Memory Loss Intervention

Senior Sampler

September 2017

Rare Form of Dementia Affecting ...

St. George News

September 2017

Memory Matters Sets Memory Loss Education Course

USA Today

August 2017

Course Offers Brain Training ...

St. George News

August 2017

HOGS For A Cause

St. George News

June 2017

When There's Nowhere to Turn

SBSU Banking on SU

March 2017

Art Program Unlocks Creative Minds...

St. George News

March 2017

Memory Matters to serve Southern Nevada 

Mesquite Local News

February 2017

Volunteers Rescue Elderly Couple 

St. George News

January 2017

Why Memory Matters

St. George Magazine

December 2016

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