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Fall Activities for People with Dementia

One of the big benefits of fall, especially here in St. George, is that the weather is finally cool enough to enjoy! The dropping temperature and the changing of the leaves make it a perfect time to get outside for some activities. You may be wondering what you can do this fall with that special person in your life who's living with dementia. Here are a few ideas that will get you both moving and enjoying the season!

Go For A Walk

There a few fun things about fall - nicer weather, changing trees, migrating birds. Go for a short stroll or find a nice bench at a local park where you can take it all in. Do some research before on what birds you might be able to find in your area - take pictures with and see if you and your loved one can point them out.

Decorate The House

Go to your local Dollar Tree and pick up some festive decorations for the house. Spend the afternoon putting up leaves, pumpkins, and Thanksgiving table settings to help get you in the spirit.

Bake Festive Treats

Everybody loves a good cookie or pumpkin bar! Use seasonal foods to prepare delicious fall treats. Examples include caramel apples and pumpkin cheesecake. For a delicious and easy pumpkin cheesecake recipe, click here!

Be ready to change or adapt the activity if need be! Some activities require more patience than others as they are more challenging for your loved on. Most importantly, enjoy the change of the season and the time you can spend together.

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