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Volunteer Opportunities

Our Current Greatest Needs

Thrift Store Volunteer & Kitchen volunteer

Contact Vickie at


Ways to Volunteer



1.  Activity Club Volunteers: Help with our activity group


2.   Early Stage Memory Loss Class Volunteers: Help with registration and assisting with the cognitive training activities. 


3.  Good Morning Sunshine Calling Volunteers.  Pick a day or be a substitute.  4 hours or less.

4.  Office Volunteers: Answer phones, input data, update Facebook, and send out emails.


5.  Event Planning/Special Events: Help create awareness and raise funds to support our programs and services.


6.  Social Media Volunteers to use our photographs and activities to create fun, engaging posts.  2 hours weekly.

7. Caregiver Call Back Volunteers: will contact our clients and see how they are doing with new information and referrals.

9. Good Morning Sunshine Reassurance Program: Check on individuals by phone who subscribed or have been referred to the service.

Contact Viki Bowman


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