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Festive New Year’s Eve Activities for Seniors with Dementia


Seniors with dementia can enjoy New Year’s Eve festivities if caregivers put a little time and thought into creating activities that the senior will enjoy. Make sure to focus on the individual’s abilities rather than what they are incapable of doing anymore. Choose activities that are likely to interest them and stimulate their minds like the activities below.

Build a Time Capsule

Building a time capsule can be a fun New Year’s Eve activity for seniors and their dementia or Alzheimer’s caregivers. Start by getting a shoe box-sized plastic container at your favorite store. A few days ahead of time ask everyone that will be present to come up with something meaningful from the last year to contribute to the box. They can choose items or write or draw about an event. During the party, have everyone share their item and put it in the time capsule. Open it on the next New Year’s Eve to look back fondly on years past.

Play Name That Tune

Download or purchase some of your loved one’s favorite songs from decades past. Play the songs at random and have each person write down the song’s title and artist. You can even expand this idea by focusing on different genres of music like country or rock and roll. Give a small prize to the person who makes the most correct guesses.

Watch the Ball Drop from Different Eras

YouTube offers the Time Square New Year’s Eve ball dropping from several different eras. Watch the ball drop from several of these memorable videos to look back on years' prior. Then, ask everyone who was alive at that time about his or her favorite memories from that year. The younger people in the room will enjoy hearing the stories. Consider at least recording these stories on as a tribute to your family members.

Your senior with dementia will enjoy these New Year’s Eve activities as much as anyone present. Remember to encourages those with memory disorders to remain socially active in order to boost overall well being.

For more information about support groups, adult care and classes starting in the new year, contact Memory Matters Utah/Nevada at (435) 319-0407. We wish you a safe and Happy New year!

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