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Memory Matters Utah/Nevada


To reduce isolation and increase wellness for individuals with dementia and their caregivers through activities, support, education, and consultations.



Communities empowered to support individuals and families dealing with Alzheimer's and Dementia.



We serve our community, person to person, with compassion, responsiveness, integrity and professionalism.


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"True compassion and caring!  This local non profit gives it everything they have to provide excellent programs and services.  What a real asset to this So Utah community.  Memory Matters provides personal compassionate care, while competing for funds with National BIG names that provide no real local help or compassion.  If it's important to you to give and support those that help caregivers and those with memory loss,  I encourage to give locally to Memory Matters."

-Mitzi Sullivan

They are such a great help to those with memory issues. Caring & loving people there!

- Jeannie Turpin

Amazing resource for families dealing with memory loss. Nicest people.

- Louise Marchant

I've had the pleasure of working with Luann and Janet.  The things they do for families affected with Alzheimer's and Dementia is amazing. You can sense their passion for helping people upon meeting them.  Their open hearts and unconditional love for these families is obvious.  Such a great support for those in the community!

- Jeremy Zesiger

Such a wonderful, loving group of people!

- Terry Witkowski

My husband, Wayne, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's/Dementia.  I was happy to care for this wonderful man, but I did soon discover that caregiving is physically and emotionally exhausting.  I am so grateful I was directed to Memory Matters!  They provided counseling and resources.


The Caregiver's Support Group was very helpful.  As this awesome group of caregivers told their own stories, I learned I was not alone, and others had it more difficult than I.


The group was always non-judgmental.  There was laughter and a few tears.  The weekly meetings were a stress release for me.   I was able to go back home and care to my husband with renewed energy.  Sadly, my husband passed away in December 2020. 


I will forever be blessed that Memory Matters and all of it's great, supportive people were in my life.  Thank you, Memory Matters, from the bottom of my heart. 

- Terri Shamo

When we were contemplating moving Mom from my house I felt so much guilt! I was really having a hard time with the decision when I received one of your newsletters that talked about Caretaker stress. As I read the article the tears flowed.  I can't describe the validation I felt in knowing I wasn't a horrible daughter,  that the feelings I was having were real and normal to caretakers. I'm so grateful for that timely newsletter. Even after mom left my house it took me a good 4-5 week's to not have that down feeling. 

I really did believe I would have mom until she died and that it was my calling to do so,  so you can imagine the guilt I went through when I just couldn't do it anymore.  I had people tell me that I looked gaunt in spirit - that being a caretaker along with other family stresses were taking its toll on me.


I want to say a big THANK YOU for what you are doing to help people in this situation.  I never dreamed I'd ever be experiencing this with my mother! Having your help as we began the journey of learning how to care for her was heaven sent.  


It really does help to have some one to talk to who knows what you're experiencing. I've wanted to tell you what a big impact you had on me and how grateful I am that I was lead to Memory Matters.

- Jerri Gibson

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